1 /TIk/ adjective
a) measuring a particular amount, especially more than usual, between two surfaces or sides: a thick oak door | Wrap your baby in a thick towel or blanket. | 3 feet/1cm/two inches etc thick: In some places, the walls are over two meters thick.
(+ with): The staircase was crumbling, and thick with dust. (=forming a thick layer)
b) measuring more around the middle than usual: Connect the battery using a thick cable.
—opposite thin 1 (1)
2 PERSON BrE informal stupid: Don't think I can't see what's going on - I'm not that thick. | He's a nice guy, but he's a bit thick. | (as) thick as two short planks (=very stupid)
3 LIQUID not solid, but moving or flowing slowly: For a thicker gravy, add more flour. | thick porridge
4 SMOKE/CLOUD ETC filling the air, and difficult to see through or breathe in: At the scene of the riot, thick black smoke is still pouring from burning tires. | thick fog
(+ with): The air was thick with exhaust fumes.
5 be thick on the ground to be present or available in large amounts or numbers: Cheap houses aren't as thick on the ground as they used to be.
—opposite thin on the ground thin 1 (12)
a) clearly belonging to a particular place or part of the country: a thick German/Yorkshire/Brazilian etc accent: TV viewers will get just one more chance to hear his thick Scottish accent.
b) not as clear or high as usual, for example because someone has been crying: Bill's voice was thick and gruff..
7 TREES/BUSHES ETC growing very close together, or having a lot of leaves, so there is not much space in between: The little animal tried to hide in the thick undergrowth. | a thick forest
8 HAIR/FUR ETC forming a deep, soft covering: She ran her fingers through her thick brown hair.
9 be (as) thick as thieves if two people are as thick as thieves, they are very friendly with each other and seem to share a lot of secrets: I don't trust those two. Lately they've been as thick as thieves.
10 give sb a thick ear/get a thick ear BrE spoken to hit someone or be hit on the head, as a punishment: Any more cheek from you and you'll get a thick ear.
11 have a thick skin to not care if people criticize you or do not like you
—see also: thick­skinned
12 be thick with sb to be very friendly with someone
13 (it's) a bit thick BrE old-fashioned used to say something is a little unfair or annoying
— thickly adverb 2 adverb
1 if you spread, cut etc something thick, you spread or cut it in a way that produces a thick layer or piece: peanut butter spread thick
2 thick and fast arriving or happening very frequently, in large amounts or numbers: Competition entries have been coming in thick and fast.
—see also: lay it on thick lay 2 3 noun
1 be in the thick of sth to be involved in the busiest, most active, most dangerous etc part of a situation: Following his recent operation, Governor Brown hopes to be back in the thick of the action as soon as possible.
2 through thick and thin in spite of any difficulties or problems: stick together through thick and thin: As kids we promised to stick together through thick and thin.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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